Whether you’re building a website, designing a brochure or painting your living room; finding the perfect combination of colors can be a daunting task. It often takes more than just personal taste to marry shades perfectly, and that’s where ColorArtist can really help you out.

Room Harmony


ColorArtist uses themes comprising of five colors Depending on the type of color scheme you would like, different rules govern which colors appear in each theme. These rules instead fallback on a set of design principles that specifically relate to color. They are:

  • Analogous: Create themes from similar colors which are adjacent on the color wheel.
  • Monochromatic: Use one color as a base with additional colors suggested based on variation in the intensity and lightness of the base hue.
  • Triad: Create a contrasting theme using a three-point color wheel selector.
  • Complementary: Use two opposing colors on the color wheel to create a theme with complementary colors.
  • Compound: Uses multiple hues to come up with fairly unexpected combinations.
  • Shades: For a very subtle theme with small variations in the base hue’s shade.

It is also possible to throw the rules of color completely out of the window and choose Custom, which lets you add swatches in whichever order you want.

Creating a theme from a color is a fairly self explanatory affair, and also offers somewhat of a visual learning experience when it comes to the rules of color. First choose a base color and then a rule. You can drag individual points around on the color wheel and watch how each hue relates to the other. To save the theme, push the „Add“-Button and enter a title. You can then make further changes without losing your original. Saved themes can be retrieved under the „My Palettes“ menu entry.

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